Cyprus could export renewable electricity

At last some influential people in Cyprus are beginning to realise that Cyprus could not just be self-sufficient in electricity but could export power too. University of Cyprus rector Constantinos Christofides is campaigning for construction of a huge solar power farm in Cyprus. Well done Dr Christofides! Let’s hope it gets built. In his Kypros-2025Continue reading “Cyprus could export renewable electricity”

Cyprus rooftop solar could power all homes

Solar power generated from photovoltaic panels on roofs of Cyprus homes and outbuildings could provide enough electricity to meet the needs of all domestic users – if we use the vast hidden potential across the Republic. That would mean commercial solar power plants would only need to generate the electricity wanted by industry and agriculture,Continue reading “Cyprus rooftop solar could power all homes”

For Cyprus, free wind power is better than ‘free’ oil

The collapse of oil prices to below zero last week is bad news for the Cyprus government, which should be developing its vast renewable energy potential instead of remaining obsessed with the mirage of wealth from hydrocarbons under Cypriot waters. The costs of pumping oil and gas from the Aphrodite field mean their selling pricesContinue reading “For Cyprus, free wind power is better than ‘free’ oil”

UK shows Cyprus could be carbon neutral by 2030

A plan officially launched in the UK last week shows once again that Cyprus could be carbon neutral and energy self-sufficient by 2030 if it put its mind to it, instead of still fantasising about the increasingly remote prospect of wealth from the Aphrodite undersea gas deposits. The UK Crown Estate has invited tenders forContinue reading “UK shows Cyprus could be carbon neutral by 2030”

Cyprus could export renewable energy

It is tragic that Cyprus has had to suspend tourism for an indefinite period amid the pandemic of the Coronavirus. Let’s hope the worst of the sickness is over within a few weeks and holidaymakers can once more enjoy Cyprus’s sunshine, lovely beaches and golden sands. Meanwhile, the Cyprus government needs to look urgently atContinue reading “Cyprus could export renewable energy”

Electric cars need renewable energy

More evidence that the Cyprus government is way behind the general public in understanding the urgency of decarbonising our lifestyles. A scrappage incentive scheme launched to encourage Cypriot motorists to replace their old high-emission bangers with new electric ones has received five times the number of applications expected. Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos is to proposeContinue reading “Electric cars need renewable energy”

Ways that Cyprus could cut all its CO2

Already the new blue-green government in Austria has vowed to make that country CO2 neutral by 2030. That’s quite a challenge but Cyprus too could achieve that target if it set out a proper plan instead of obsessing with fantasies of vast wealth from gas lying underground in the deep-water Aphrodite field. Here are aContinue reading “Ways that Cyprus could cut all its CO2”

Cyprus could be carbon neutral

Cyprus has vast potential for renewable energy from solar power, onshore and offshore wind and the rapidly developing marine power technologies.  Within a few years from now Cyprus could quite easily become become the EU’s first carbon neutral nation.  Cyprus could be the sustainable energy hub of the Eastern Mediterranean and make money from exportsContinue reading “Cyprus could be carbon neutral”